Becoming a Mindful School

Mindfulness is a simple way of exercising the mind. Mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety and helps us to develop the ability to concentrate and pay attention.

The poet W.H. Auden wrote that "Schools should educate by teaching selfless attention". At Trinity we teach this through Mindfulness. Every pupil is given formal teaching on this. There are opportunities for mindfulness in lessons and in assembly and in meetings.

Every room has a meditation gong, listening to the reverberations of the gong can help us to be more attentive, more mindful.

A three minute breathing space can be enough in a lesson to allow our brains to relax and re-focus. A breathing space can be a good way too to stop in a heated conversation and find a way of listening to the other person.

We began using mindfulness at Trinity after our first visit with pupils to Taize in 2010. The pupils who went commented that the most powerful moments of each day were the extended periods of silence in the worship. They asked us to help to introduce more silence at Trinity.

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