Aims of homework at Trinity

Homework enables pupils to –

  1. consolidate and extend work covered in class or prepare for new learning activities
  2. develop research skills
  3. have an opportunity for independent work
  4. take ownership and responsibility for their learning
  5. engage parental co-operation and support.

The best homeworks are planned and focused activities linked to class activities which have a different level of challenge according to the ability of the pupil. The quality of a piece of homework handed in is more important than the quantity and pupils can expect to receive feedback which further develops their knowledge & understanding.

Pupils should –

  1. ensure that they have put into their journals the instructions for the tasks
  2. give their best efforts to the completion of the homework and hand it in to meet the deadline set
  3. speak to the class teacher about any difficulties they have with the homework.

Family Group Leaders should –

check that homework is being set and recorded in journals.

Heads of Dept/Cluster/Year Progress Leaders should –

  1. analyse the quality & quantity of homework set by members of their Dept
  2. monitor how cohorts are engaging with homeworks across subjects
  3. identify pupils who are persistently missing deadlines or producing poor quality homeworks.
  4. encourage use of the homework clubs run in the library after school
  5. monitor the use of SMHW through the reports section.

The role of Parents

This is crucial for pupils to gain success from homeworks. Collaborative help and support from parents cannot help but give pupils confidence to strive for academic excellence.

Parents can assist by –

  1. providing a quiet place to work
  2. checking that an appropriate amount of time is spend on tasks
  3. signing the pupils journal weekly
  4. guiding pupils with where to find information to help with completion.


Show My Homework (SMHW) is an online homework calendar used at Trinity to communicate with parents the homeworks set by subjects for each class. Teachers use it to upload homework tasks complete with video clips, worksheets and any additional materials needed for the completion of tasks. There is a tab on the front page of the Trinity School website which requires no specific login to see the school homework calendar. A personalised homework calendar is available to see once you log in using the details provided by the school and iphone and other mobile device apps are available.

The newest Ofsted Framework (Sept 2015) recognises that homework “consolidates learning, deepens understanding and prepares pupils very well for work to come”. At Trinity we seek to ensure that homework makes a valuable contribution to learning.

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