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My name is Rob Thomas and I’ll be joining Trinity All Through School as the interim Head teacher in September 2016.

As you may be aware, Father Richard is leaving to take up a more senior position as a Director of Education for the Diocese of Liverpool with 119 schools to look after.  The governors have been looking for the new head teacher to replace him but have yet to find the right person.

I have worked for 29 years in the neighbouring borough of Greenwich and for 9 of those years I was the head teacher of Thomas Tallis School.  As an experienced head teacher, I now spend my time leading and supporting schools during periods of transition.

I’m very proud to have been asked by the governors to take on the headship of Trinity.  Living locally, I know that Trinity is a strong and successful community and I will do all that I can to ensure that it continues to thrive and grow whilst giving the governors the time to find the right person to succeed Father Richard.

I know how important every day is in a child’s educational journey and am already working closely with Father Richard to build on the success that he and the staff have already achieved.  I look forward to meeting the whole staff on Tuesday 12th July 2016.

Although I come from a Methodist background (having grown up in Cornwall), I fully empathise and embrace with the values held by Trinity Church of England School.  I had a very enjoyable and successful time as the interim head teacher at St. Mark’s Church of England Academy, Mitcham,  also in the diocese of Southwark, so am familiar with leading a faith school.

I have always felt that schools are like three-legged stools.  The legs being – the students, the staff and the parents/carers.  Take any one leg away and the stool falls over!  I believe that schools are very similar; we all have our part to play in making sure our young people are successful. As parents/carers, either current or prospective, I hope that you would like to meet me.  I will be holding an open evening event in early September; this will provide me with an opportunity to give you more information about myself and for you to ask any questions that you have.

In my opinion, being a head teacher is the best job in the world.  Head teachers and school staff can have a lasting impact on the lives of and life chances of young people.  The role comes with much responsibility but there is no more rewarding job.

Trinity promotes its three pillars:  Learning, Leadership and Relationships. These are very close to my heart.  I see myself as a lifelong learner, I love to develop all those around me as leaders (both students and all staff) and the strongest communities are built on excellent relationships (underpinned by good channels of communication).
As a consequence, I’m really looking forward to joining the Trinity community.

Rob Thomas
Interim Head teacher

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